Import And Export Data From Salesforce Using Talend

Transferring data to and from Salesforce is not very difficult. Salesforce data import wizard and Salesforce tools made the job of data migration a rather point-and-click process. However for repetitive, complex, or large scale data transfer operations, these tools become too cumbersome. Capitalizing on these shortcomings, and at the same time providing a better and easier way to integrate two or more systems, numerous tools have been launched in the market by both new and old data integration players. Talend is one such player with a great portfolio of data integration and migration offerings that can be used to migrate data to and from Salesforce.
Talend data integration and migration tools are not new. Talend has been around for quite some time and has been gaining reputation and popularity steadily. The free data migration tool Talend Open Studio, is even popular among our Salesforce developers.

Talend Open Studio Data Integration Tool

The Talend tool in its essence is a code generator tool. For every task, it automatically creates a code corresponding to it that can be run either in the Open Studio tool itself or any other compiler you desire. Most prefer the Open studio itself, but you can always export the code to use in any other program that you want. In addition, this tool gives you options to modify your job parameters and queries giving you more flexibility in creating codes.

Why Talend?

There are a number of reasons why you can go for Talend Data integration tool, the biggest being that its free version has all the major operations that you may need. But here is a short list of reasons why we like Talend:
  • Drag-and-drop code creation.
  • Intuitive user interface and easy placement of components.
  • Speed: It’s very light weight and hence has slightly better processing speed. But unless and until you have magnanimous amount of data, the speed won’t matter much.
  • Did we mention that it is free? It’s open source and utilizes Eclipse RC.
  • A huge community of supporters.
  • Around 800 inbuilt connectors and has support for all major new technologies like AWS, Salesforce etc.
  • Can be run on remote or local, or you can export JARs and run them separately.
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