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This extension has been deprecated in favor of Salesforce DX
This extension will no longer receive any updates. You may continue to use this extension for as long as you want.

We heard of mavensmate developer who left the development of it, but Most of us are still using that mavensmate plugin with sublime, plugin for eclipse and the default Developer Console which is provided by salesforce, but it is very tough to work on it just because of less functionality(like no JS support). So, guys No need to worry now,  John Nelson is here to help you with his all new plugin for VisualStudio Code.

ForceCode with VS Code :

ForceCode is a plugin developed and maintained by John Nelson. It is open source and free and also available on visual studio code market. VS code is an awesome IDE to work upon, it is developed and maintained by Microsoft, It always receive improvements update, It is now becomes the highest rated IDE for development of JS based framework and applications. 
ForceCode plugin is currently looks like in beta version, but there is nothing mentioned about beta and official version.
It is coming with almost all the needs which we were have in mavensmate.

Features of ForceCode : 

  • Save / Compile / Deploy a file
    • Works with Classes, Triggers, Components, Pages, Permission Sets, Objects, Custom Labels, and Lightning Components
    • Provides line errors in the editor
    • Works great with autosave
  • Run Unit Tests
    • Code coverage highlighting in the editor
    • Coverage warnings and percents
    • Errors in the editor on test failures
    • Auto-open test log
  • Intellisense / Code Completion for Apex (in progress)
  • Execute Anonymous
  • View / Save Debug Logs
  • Open / Retrieve a file
    • Works with Classes, Triggers, Components, Pages, Static Resources, and Lightning Components
  • Deploy Package
    • Replaces need for CumulusCI w/ Ant
    • Retrieve detailed deploy information
    • Runs Validation deploys
  • Retrieve Package - three options
    • Retrieve all metadata
    • Retrieve by selecting from available Packages
    • Retrieve by package.xml
  • Bundle & Deploy Static Resources on save
    • Auto refresh the browser on save
    • Works great with autosave
  • Create Classes from templates
  • Easily switch credentials when working with multiple dev orgs
  • Diff server & local versions
  • SOQL and Tooling query
  • Arbitrary folder structure
    • Change your project src folder
    • Flexible project structure
  • API Limit Warnings
  • Syntax Highlighting for Visualforce and Apex
    • Functionality provided by the Visualforce and Apex extensions.

Instead of having all these feature, It also comes with lots of issues.
you can track those issues on GIT and check them if they are fixed or not.
Like I said earlier that it is an Open Source project. So, if you have some grip on TypeScript then you can also contribute to it, it will be very helpful for other developer.

Have any questions? Drop in the comment section...
Cheers ...
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