All you need to know about India's Biggest Salesforce Community Event (IndiaDreamIn)

We all know about DreamForce and other various events which is very popular among Salesforce community. Unfortunately, none of the events have taken place in India till 31st of March, 2017.  


Did you Notice that?

I told none of the events have taken place in India "till 31st of March".

Can you guess? Why?.

Did you ever heard of  "Jaipur Development Fest" or "JDF"?

JDF or Jaipur Development Fest was the first salesforce community event organized in India on 1st of April, 2017 by the Salesforce community for the Salesforce community. 
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So, let's come to our discussion about IndiaDreamIn.

IndiaDreamIn is the 2nd Salesforce Community event held in India By Salesforce Community for Salesforce Community. It was organized in Greater Noida (Noida)  in G L Bajaj college on 30th of September 2017.

This event was organized by Shivanath Devinarayanan and Vinay Chaturvedi.

Unlike JDF, IndiaDreamIn was organized on a more larger scale. People from worldwide have shown interest in this event like they did for JDF. Some of the most known personality were there in this event like Peter coffeeHolly Firestone, Rajdeep Dua, Erica Kuhl, Abhinav Gupta, David K Liu, Amy Oplinger and many more. Also, there was MVP's from India was in the event to make this event more memorable. Everyone was amazed in the event because the personalities who represent's Salesforce were checked into IndiaDreamIn.

                                           Representational Image : Source

Sponsorship : 
                                           Representational Image : Source

There was lots of tweet flowing on twitter with the hashtag of #indiadreamin17. Everyone was busy in attending the session of star speaker's and some enthusiast. 

And why Not!!
This was the reason they were here among us.

This event was sponsored by lots of companies like SaasFocus, Persistent, Concretio and many more.

If you want to see the list of sponsoring companies, then check it here.

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Enjoy the blog.


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