Understanding Circle Of Success.

As we know the Jaipur Developer fest aka JDF which is going to happen on 28th of July 2018, had announced "Circle of Success" for the event.
JDF had announced the experts who are going to drive these sessions on 28th of July.

The Sessions for Circle of Success will contain few topics upon which it can be driven.

  • AppExchange
  • Community Cloud
  • Giving Back
  • Lightning Development
  • Marketing Cloud & Pardot
  • Programming Basics
  • Integration
  • Getting Started With salesforce
  • AI (Einstein)
  • Salesforce DX
Let's discussed about "Circle of Success" in Brief.

What is Circle Of Success?

It is a type of session which will be performed by some (1-2) experts over a table to resolved/help current developers with there issues in the related topic.
Attendees have to choose there required session which will be given in the welcome brochure.
Except for the Speaker session, this session will be an interactive session which requires the interactions of Attendees. 

Let's Understand as an attendee :

                                                                    Image Source

John is a student who is attending JDF18 event. He is more concern about his career to start in salesforce and wants to see the growth in his career in the future.
So, he wants to take an advice from someone who is having experience in salesforce and can give some direction to start.
So, He will be looking for some session of his interest to have an interaction. 
John founds a speaker session, but due to lack of time and short Q&A session, he did not get a chance to come up with his doubts and queries. 
After that John found another kind of interaction session mentioned as "Circle Of Success" in which there was a topic mentioned as "Getting Started with Salesforce". So John is going to attend this session. When the session starts, John is having the opportunity to raise his questions at any time he wants during the session.  John Has asked the experts about Salesforce technology and to start his career as a salesforce developer. After his questions, experts who will be driving the table will give his advice and opinion over the questions and doubts asked by John.
This is the way how the "Circle of Success" will work.

Let's Understand as an Expert:

                                                                    Image Source
Harry is an expert who is going to drive a session for Salesforce DX over the table for "Circle Of Success". Now, the session is started and he is not having any Attendees on his table.

What Harry will do now?

Harry Have to market himself for his topic and get the attendees over his table. He has to pull the concentration of attendees to join his table.
He will ask attendees, about salesforce DX or any tool you use for having version control during development or if they got stuck in working in the same org and accidentally overridden the others code. 
So now,  Harry will present them the benefits of salesforce DX and how to use it to remove the issue of developers face while working in a sandbox. He will explain the concept of scratch orgs, Salesforce CLI and makes the attendees happy by sharing his useful experience and knowledge in of Salesforce DX.

If you got any questions/suggestions related to Circle Of Success, Feel free to ask it in the comment section.

Happy Learning, See you guys in JDF. 

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